OK. We NEVER do much promoting of anything on this blog. I try to keep it pretty clean and ad free, but we have found a perfect app for a DD/lg relationship, especially long distance ones.

Couple App Features:

1. Chat
2. Photo and Video
3. Voice Messages
4. Paint and Send: Look what I made you Daddy!
5. Paint Together: Watch as your little girl erases what you’re trying to draw.
6. Stickers: If your little is good, you can buy her new ones.
7. Lists: Our rule list is displayed, but you can create multiple lists which either Daddy or Little may add to.
8. Calendar: for Birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates.
9. Tracker: Uses Location Services to tell you where Daddy or your Little is.
10. Thumbkiss: You press your thumb on your screen and a thumbprint appears on your partner’s screen. They press for 1 second, and both phones vibrate. If your little is feeling mischievous, she can move her thumb around and make you try and catch it.
11. Moments: Every picture or drawing you put up while you chat is memorialized here for future viewing. You can edit them out if you don’t want it kept.

It’s got so much on something like kik. It can do all this with no trouble because you can only pair with one person at a time. It’s also free! Give it a try, especially if you’re in a DD/lg relationship. My Little Princess and I love it, and give it two big thumbkisses up. 👍👍



these are the cutest omg please

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